This is where you can contact me for commission and other fun stuff! Just email me at damien@soupcat.com if you have any questions or use the form below ! The pricing for my commissions is listed below. Otherwise please consider supporting me on Patreon!

Have a look!

A simple doodle!
No color or finished linework. Just for fun!
Also available on

€ 1

A fully worked out colored doodle! Can be used for profile avatars, fridge magnets or print it and spread it around town! I don’t care haha!

€ 5

A full sketch! Color or greyscale. These are a bit more worked out than the doodles but can be cute nonetheless!

€ 10

A fully worked out 2D illustration! Hang these up, use them as wallpaper, give them as a gift, whatever you want! Always fun. Clean vector artwork means it can be as big as a building!

€ 25

A fully colored digital painting!
These can be of yourself or your favorite character!

€ 30

Animated logo, character, or full animation! These prices can vary on the complexity and length of the project! Starting price is:

€ 100

A 3D illustration! This is a fully modeled, lit, textured and post processed scene! These can be one of your 2D characters or a mascot or something for your wall! Maybe some art for your game.
Who knows!

€ 150

This is the big one! A fully modeled, textured, rigged, lit, and animated scene! Can be used for games, advertisements or a full music video project. Whatever you want! These prices can also vary with complexity but the starting price is:

€ 300

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Have any questions regarding my comic? Commissions? What I had for breakfast? How many toes I have?
Hit me up with an email!